National No One Eats Alone Day

National No One Eats Alone Day

It can be challenging to grow up in middle school and high school. It is known for its drama and social cliches. If you don’t have any friends during those years, it can be difficult. Social isolation is something that cannot be ignored, especially in a society that thrives on interaction. National No One Eats Alone Day is a day dedicated to socializing and making new friends over lunch. Find out more about National No One Eats Alone Day. Learn more about the holiday’s history and how to participate!

Beyond Differences created No One Eats Alone to address the problem of school social isolation. It was started in 2012 in Northern California in a few schools. The program addresses a problem that affects students in all areas of the country, including urban, suburban, rural, private, public, and private schools. No One Eats Alone encourages students not only to sit with their classmates and get to know them, but also to identify others who may feel excluded and include them. National No One Eats Alone Day was attended by more than 1,000,000 students from over 2,300 schools across all 50 states in 2018.

Beyond Differences is a student-led group that aims to end social isolation in schools across the country. Lili Rachel Smith, a girl with Apert’s Syndrome who died in her sleep at 15 years old, inspired the organization. She suffered from social isolation for much of her adult life. Since then, the organization has created many programs, such as Know Your Classmates, Call It Out, and No One Eats Alone. These programs have helped to end social isolation and bring acceptance back into middle- and high school.

This is a program that’s widely celebrated in high schools and middle schools. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Beyond Differences to bring the program to your school. Celebrate the holiday by sitting with someone at lunch with #NoOneEatsAloneDay if your school has one. This holiday’s main purpose is to get to know someone you would not normally talk to. National No One Eats Alone Day aims to spread kindness wherever it is needed. So grab a seat, have a chat with someone new and see what opportunities can be had.


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