National Notebook Day

National Notebook Day

A holiday is coming to town. It’s one you should definitely take note of as it aims to share with the world anecdotes, commentaries, and memoirs. Most people have journaled at one time or another, particularly teens. All that cringe-worthy poetry! You know what? It’s probably still there in a journal somewhere. Just waiting to embarrass and shame you with all the sad, angst-ridden youth days.

Notebook Day was inaugurated in 2016. We wanted to share our knowledge about journaling with the world. We all know what we have written about in the past, many of us had one when we were kids, and the poetry that we read in English class inspired us to start our own journal. The journal became a repository for angry thoughts and deep emotions as we faced the difficulties of youth, particularly first love. It has been proven that journaling can be a very important psychological process.

Mica May, CEO and founder of May Designs custom notebook company, said that the notebook and planner community was so vibrant and active. “In fact, our customers are more committed to paper than ever in the last few years,” said Mica May, CEO of May Designs custom notebook company. It’s amazing how writing down something can make it so much easier than typing it into your phone. Paper’s power is not declining, but it’s being used in surprising ways in some circles. Silicon Valley’s technology-driven CEOs are choosing to use paper notes over digital apps and jumping on the cellulose bandwagon. It’s amazing how much things can be put into perspective when they are written down.

Bullet journaling is gaining popularity and journals are making a comeback. Pinterest is full of color-coded, well-organized journals. The bullet journal can be used to organize your life, from daily tasks to yearly goals, and it can also be used to cross-reference throughout the year to identify themes, trends and other information you may not have known about. Insightful and imaginative, the bullet journal became the must-have, from the person who needs to remind themselves to eat their five a day and drink their eight glasses of water, to the super-business-executive with their mammoth to-do task list.

Journaling, especially in adulthood, has been shown to have positive effects on your mental health. It can be very therapeutic to take your thoughts and put them on a piece of paper. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to write a detailed bullet journal. Simply scribbling your thoughts on a piece of paper can do wonders for your mind.

Writing creatively into adulthood can help to keep your imagination alive and generate positive feelings and happiness. This is why you might enjoy the idea of creating your own world and characters. The use of notebooks can help you organize your thoughts, spark your imagination, and take some time away from the chaos of the world.

Get a notebook, open it up and start to write down your thoughts and worries. Have an idea? You can either write it down in the corners, or you can just jot it down in full detail. It might become a regular, semi-regular, or even semi-regular journal, or a new story or helps you get through a dull or difficult day.

What are your thoughts emerging into creative writing pieces? You might consider taking a day off or a rainy morning to develop your characters and create a world that they can live in. Then, storyboard your plotline. Even a day of brainstorming may turn into hours or even years of story-development that you didn’t know you had.

If you’re more tech-savvy, you might try to get away from your computer and write down your thoughts or to-do list on a notepad. Even five minutes spent looking away from a screen can help you to focus and avoid the drowsiness that you may feel after working long hours in front of a computer. Even if you are a frequent blogger, a notebook can be used to write down your thoughts if your computer goes out of battery.

Are you bored and idilled? Do the walking, and then doodle on it. Psychologists say that what someone chooses to draw can show a lot. You can develop your sketching skills by taking a class or sitting in a park drawing the world around you. For any hobby related to notebooks, you can join a class and/or start a new hobby. You can do the hobby alone, with friends, or in a group setting.

If you are just trying to get to the bottom of your current journey, it might be too time-consuming. You can start a journal to record your thoughts and ideas for just five minutes. You don’t need a lot of time to write down your thoughts.

No matter what you do, National Notebook Day allows you to take out your old journals and read through our past thoughts. Then, start a new notebook and begin a new chapter in your life!


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