National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

Many people love to make resolutions and turn a new leaf in the New Year. However, March can also be a good time to focus after a long winter. This month marks the beginning of springtime. It is often a time when people feel the winter is over, that the sun is shining, and that hope is rising.

This is why March was declared National Nutrition Month. It’s a time to learn more about nutrition and be more mindful of what foods you eat.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics of the United States sponsors National Nutrition Month, which is celebrated each March. National Nutrition Month is about helping people make healthy food choices and to develop good eating habits.

1973 was the year that Nutrition Week was established by a presidential proclamation from Richard Nixon. By 1980, it had expanded to include the whole month of March. The American Dietetic Association, as it was known at the time as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and federal and state governments enthusiastically supported National Nutrition Month as a great vehicle to promote healthy eating and educate the public.

National Nutrition Month revolves around a different theme every year. In the years 1977-1980, Nutribird was the sponsor. He wore a bright green cabbage on his head and an orange carrot beak.

These are the themes for National Nutrition Month:

Food can be an adventure. National Nutrition Month helps people to discover that by focusing on healthy cooking, eating and nutrition during the month. National Nutrition Month is coming!

Celebrate this month in 31 different ways for 31 days! These are some great ideas to enjoy the month and share it with others:

National Nutrition Month is easy to celebrate with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ bundle of activities and nutrition tips sheets. This organization recommends trying a new healthy food every week. They also suggest eating at one of the many ethnic restaurants that offer a variety of healthy options and different cooking methods to keep it interesting.

This month is a good time to start shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store. If the weather is good, you can visit a farmers market. Ask the vegetable seller for ideas on how to prepare certain foods, or browse online for recipe ideas.

Many people can make a simple change by giving up fast food during National Nutrition Month. You can either pack your lunch or eat a quick meal at a restaurant that offers healthy soups or salads.

March is a great month to look ahead into the next year. It doesn’t matter if it is still cold outside. You can start seedlings indoors and move them outside as the weather warms up. Lettuce, beans, lettuces, radishes (peas), carrots, cucumbers, and kale are some of the easiest to grow plants.

You can start during National Nutrition Month to have a summer full of delicious and healthy vegetables that will help you get through the rest of the year. Plant different colors of vegetables!

It’s easy to swap out white rice, bread, and pasta for whole-grain varieties. This is a simple but very healthy alternative that requires little effort. Brown rice, whole wheat and oat bread are less likely to spike blood sugar and take longer for your digestive system to digest. Healthy spaghetti squash is a great way to sneak in vegetables.

Learn some interesting facts about food to make healthy eating more fun.


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