National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

Are you like others who can smell and see waffles even when they aren’t there? The smell of butter and syrupy waffles is enough to make anyone’s stomach growl. Dream no more! National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day is one day you can give in to temptation. You have to love culinary holidays!

Buttery waffles have been enjoyed by people for centuries on the irons and pans that give them their shape. Oatmeal is another popular breakfast food. This grain is best served warm, making it a great breakfast option. These two can easily be paired up to make your taste buds dance.

Waffles can easily take the traditional flavor of oatmeal cookies and make them a delicious treat. When oatmeal is added to a low fat diet, it has been shown to reduce cholesterol. It is important to not overdo the good things by adding honey or cream.

Like most culinary holidays, it is best to enjoy what you are celebrating! Have a favorite waffle recipe? Take that recipe and use it to make your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe. Mix the flavors that you like and give it a shot! You can easily add cinnamon and raisins to make your kitchen smell wonderful!

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried mixing recipes before. The internet can help! Look up your favorite search engine to see the wealth of recipes available. Choose the one that appeals to you, and watch how quickly the whole family gets out of bed when the scent fills the home. Are you not a morning person? It’s okay to not be a morning person. You can make waffles sweet or savory, depending on your needs. They can be made for dinner with cream cheese or sourcream.

You can use some of your favorite foods as toppings. Use peanut butter, bananas, or fresh fruit slices as toppings. This recipe can be made into a holiday favorite by using your imagination.

You can make your own frozen waffles! Make a few batches and place them in freezer bags. You can grab what you need quickly and put them in the toaster when you are short on time. It couldn’t be simpler! And unlike frozen waffles from the store, you can make them yourself so you know exactly what they are.

Get into the spirit and enjoy a culinary holiday! Make sure to involve the kids in making memories for the family. You never know, they might even be able to make your recipe and have breakfast in bed with you!


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