National Old Maids Day

National Old Maids Day

Old Maid’s Day allows spinsters from all walks of life to come together to celebrate their claim to singlehood and to enjoy the joys of singlehood. It should, as marriage, childbearing, and child rearing can gradually strip a woman off all her spare time, money, and vitality from those early years, when she was just as resistant to men’s advances.

Single women and men were able to meet at dance socials in the most advanced cities around the world as early as the 1930s. This tradition has been continued until today, though large-scale dancing celebrations are rarer. Old Maid’s Day was a way for single, unhappy women to find their soul mates. Being an old maid was frowned on, so many women took advantage of the opportunity to get married.

Today’s women celebrate by gathering together, drinking Old Maid cocktails and eating Old Maid cakes, while listening to The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ and enjoying their spinsterhood while they last.


Apr 06 2025


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