National Olive Day

National Olive Day

Olives are a delicious snack that is enjoyed around the globe. Olives can be eaten as a snack, part of an appetizer charcuterie platter or in recipes. They can also be used in a variety of recipes, especially when extra virgin olive oils are made.

National Olive Day is a great time to enjoy and appreciate this small fruit with a lot of nutrition and flavor.

Olives have a long and rich history. They have been valued in many cultures throughout time. The little fruits were thought to have originated from Asia Minor, and then traveled through Palestine, Iran, and Syria to reach the Mediterranean region. They found a home there at least 6000+ years ago.

One of the oldest cultivated trees in the world, the olive tree has been a beloved and highly revered fruit for many millennia. Olive oil is a healthy oil that can be used for cooking and baking. Many people also use it in their skin care products and beauty routines due to its beneficial properties.

Olive groves can be found all over Spain, Greece and Italy. They are often eaten fresh or made into extra-virgin olive oil. The demand for olive oil continues to rise worldwide. Olives are a major industry. There are more than 500 varieties of olives today. They come in many different flavors and colors.

Divina, an American subsidiary of FOODmatch special Mediterranean foods company, founded National Olive Day in 2015. As a way to end May’s celebrations, some people observe the Mediterranean Diet, it was decided that Olive Day should be celebrated on the first day in June.

There are many ways to appreciate and enjoy olives, including National Olive Day. These are some ideas to celebrate the occasion:

Olives are not just about the pimento-stuffed, green ones your grandmother used to make. National Olive Day offers you the chance to try new types of olives, with over 500 varieties available. People who say they don’t like olives probably haven’t tried the right varieties.

Here are some options to start with when it comes to olive varieties:

You are looking for an excuse for friends and family to gather for a small, intimate gathering? National Olive Day is a great excuse! Invite your friends to join you for appetizers and wine while tasting different olive varieties and enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle.

A great way to celebrate National Olive Day is to take your date or the entire family to a Mediterranean restaurant. You will be able to enjoy the olives and all that goes with them. You can enjoy them with hummus, feta cheese, or an Israeli cucumber-and-tomato salad.

Olives can be added to a meal, or used as a snack. This is a healthy way to consume low-carb, Mediterranean, keto-friendly, Mediterranean foods. Olives are rich in fiber, healthy fats and vitamin E, which can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and possibly other cancers.

National Olive Day is the perfect opportunity to bring these delicious, healthy little treats to the table and into your pantry!


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