National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

There were 1.2 Million cases of ovarian carcinoma in 2015. This led to 161,000 deaths. Many people have known someone who has been affected by this horrible condition. The effects on their family and friends can be severe. National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month reminds us that there is still no cure. You can catch it early so it doesn’t become fatal.

Ovarian cancer is a condition that affects mostly women over 50 years old. Many people who are affected have a genetic predisposition which increases their chance of getting it. is a place to gather information on the advances made in identifying and treating ovarian cancer, as well as finding its cause and possible steps to prevent it. It is crucial to catch Ovarian Cancer early in order to maximize your chances of survival. It is one of the most common and survivable types of cancer.

Ovarian Cancer symptoms can often be subtle and go unnoticed until further steps are taken. This is partly because the earliest stages of the disease are often not painful. There are some symptoms that look similar to PMS such as back pain, discomfort, bloating and bloating. The condition can worsen and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Ovarian Awareness Month reminds women to be aware of these seemingly innocuous identifiers, and to get checked if they are unusual.

It is important to observe National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by learning about the early stages of the disease. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman at risk of developing Ovarian Cancer or if you have loved ones who are. Knowing these symptoms is good for all. Participating in fundraising activities can help you raise funds for education and research. Each step is a step closer to a 100% recovery rate and a decreasing incidence among those currently suffering from the condition. Do not let another month pass without learning how to identify this condition. The life you save could be your mother’s or your own!


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