National Pack Rat Day

It’s not a small problem, but it can quickly grow into a major problem that can endanger your life. There are many things we collect, including little knick-knacks. Sometimes we don’t do as much as we should about maintaining a clean home. But that’s okay. People collect everything thinking that they are being resourceful, thrifty, or conservative. Sometimes they are right, but other times they are hoarding and have a serious problem. National Pack Rat Day is a reminder to stop and take stock of your life to see if there are things you don‚Äôt need.

National Pack Rat Day’s history is about a disease and its victims. Compulsive hoarding can be a serious problem. We see it in people who have too many things to keep them contained. These people may not be able to decide if a particular item is really useful. Sometimes, it just results in a messy home and uncomfortable living spaces. Sometimes the situation is worse.

Hoarding can take control of a person’s entire life and make it impossible for them to live in their home. Overloaded refrigerators and kitchens can make them unusable and unsanitary. Sometimes, bedrooms become cluttered with random items that make it difficult to use the space for its intended purpose. It’s usually just the bed that can be used.

As if collecting random knick-knacks weren’t enough, hoarding can become so severe that the person suffering from the disorder can’t tell if something is really bad. It is clear that rotten food can be stored until it becomes mushy, and meat that has gone bad can be’still saved’. Moldy pancakes, the like, will also be hoarded. This can have a devastating effect on a person’s entire life.

It is important to take a hard look at your home, regardless of how meticulous you may be with your belongings, and decide how much needs to go. It may be time for professional help if you are having trouble moving around the house due to all of your stuff. If you aren’t a complete pack rat, it is worth trying to reduce the unnecessary stuff.


May 17 2024


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