National Paranormal Day

National Paranormal Day

The old saying goes that seeing is believing. But is that true? It would be tempting to think that things that cannot be seen, heard, or touched don’t exist. Yet, thousands upon thousands of people have claimed to have witnessed or come in direct contact with things that “normal science” cannot explain. Sometimes, even though there is no evidence, it seems that many have.

UFOs. Ghosts. Chupacabras. Visitations. Are these possible? If they don’t exist, then why are there so many close encounters?

National Paranormal Day aims to answer these questions and many others that surround the paranormal. Get ready to learn about this day!

People have claimed for thousands of years that they have witnessed or experienced things that are impossible to explain. These reports are only documented over the last few hundred years.

Charles Fort, an American writer, is probably the most well-known paranormal collector. Fort collected at least 40,000 notes about paranormal experiences. Many consider him to be the father modern paranormalism.

He collected reports on teleportation, which Fort is actually credited for coining; poltergeist events, falls of frogs and fishes, inorganic materials of an incredible range; crop circles, unaccountable sounds and explosions; spontaneous combustions (UFOs); mysterious disappearances and other inexplicable events that defy logic and science.

Fort is most likely to be the first to explain unusual human appearances or disappearances using the hypothesis of alien abduction. This idea has been embraced by hundreds of reports every year.

Despite the wide range of paranormal events they represent, there is one thing they have in common. They lack the reproducibility and scientific support of empirical evidence.

National Paranormal Day was established in 2013 in order to encourage people to think about and consider the difficult things in life.

There are many ways to have fun with National Paranormal Day celebrations! These are some suggestions to help you get started.

Horror movie fans who love scary movies will be happy to know that ghosts, unidentifiable creatures and aliens are some of the most loved horror movie themes. Paranormal Activity is a film that many may have seen. It is about a couple who witness increasingly disturbing paranormal occurrences at their home. Although most people don’t think a sheet can be frightening, viewers may reconsider after watching this terrifying film in the dark.

National Paranormal Day is an excellent time to check out these movies:

Make friends and celebrate misunderstood things. You could have a tongue in cheek gathering with snacks or decorations that look like ghosts or aliens. Drinks can be served as the “Alien Secretion”, or “Drunk Ghost”. You might consider inviting guests to dress up as their paranormal favorite character.

You can entertain guests by showing one of these movies or dimming the lights to get them to share their ghost stories with the group. You can make it a memorable and spooky night for everyone!

Some people may be embarrassed to bring up paranormal topics at work or with a group of adults at the dinner table. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed. It appears that around 80% of Americans believe in ghosts. This is a lot more than one might expect.

You could also spend the day reading about paranormal events that have occurred in your area. Don’t get too excited if you discover something a little strange about your local area. It’s probably not true. Is there a paranormal story that you have heard the most frightening? Perhaps you have experienced something strange yourself. You might share your experience on social media to let everyone know.


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