National Pass Gas Day

National Pass Gas Day

It is something everyone has done at some point in their lives: passing gas. People have passed gas all through human history, starting at the newborn stage and continuing into old age.

National Pass Gas Day will be observed to highlight this human condition.

Gas passing is a common occurrence. The gas is usually composed of non-odorous gasses like nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Sometimes, however, depending on what kind of food was consumed, the gas may contain hydrogen sulfide, which can smell like rotten eggs. This can be caused by foods like beans, coffee, eggs and dairy products. This type of gas can also indicate that farts are flammable.

National Pass Gas Day allows people to enjoy the gas and not feel ashamed of producing approximately 17-68 ounces per day.

The World Fart Championship was organized by Finland in 2013. It was perhaps a significant step towards allowing people to just pass gas. Now, National Pass Gas Day is another step in the right direction.

Although some may not consider National Pass Gas Day a holiday, it is official! These are some ways to enjoy and pay tribute to National Pass Gas Day:

Passing Gas has been ridiculed and laughed at throughout history. There are many silly words that can be used to describe passing gas in slang and vernacular languages. Passing gas terms can sound silly, whether they are the more common “fart” or something more childlike like “toot”.

These are some of the slang terms used to celebrate National Pass Gas Day.


Jul 01 2023


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