National Patient Recognition Week

National Patient Recognition Week

They are a remarkable group of medical professionals, who serve their patients with determination while focusing on their overall health. They deserve respect and recognition, but National Patient Recognition Week focuses on those who serve them.

These healthcare professionals have the opportunity to get closer to their patients and discover new ways they can help them live more fulfilling lives.

John O’Malley created National Patient Recognition Week in 1995 to highlight the importance of patients within the healthcare industry. He wanted to make sure that patients were the most important aspect in the healthcare industry.

This holiday is about ensuring that patients are satisfied and that healthcare providers learn new ways to improve patient satisfaction.

Over the years, healthcare has seen a significant shift in patient roles. Previously, patients were expected to listen to their doctors without asking questions and believe they are the best.

Although doctors are highly qualified, every patient’s experience with medicine is unique. Patients are encouraged to take an active part in their healthcare decisions and the decision-making process.

National Patient Recognition Week encourages patient participation to improve patient satisfaction.

National Patient Recognition Week, a time for physicians to solicit feedback from patients and to make efforts to address their concerns about healthcare.

It’s possible to make patients feel better about their treatment and if they are being heard. To improve patient satisfaction, you might consider giving surveys or hosting Patient Appreciation Events.

If you are a patient, it is time to visit your doctor and share any concerns you have about your healthcare experience. You can voice your concerns about treatment options, or simply want to say how difficult it would have to replace your amazing doctor.

National Patient Recognition Week gives you the opportunity to speak out. This holiday doesn’t need to be awaited. Healthcare professionals care deeply for their patients. Let’s not forget to let our voices be heard and make real improvements in your treatment.


Feb 01 - 07 2025


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