National Peach Month

National Peach Month

National Peach Month is here! Peach month was established to allow people to appreciate and enjoy all things related to this delicious fruit. Peaches are the summer’s hottest topic, whether you grow them, eat them or read about them.

Ronald Reagan declared August “National Peach Month” when he was President of United States of America. He declared August “National Peach Month” and called on Americans to eat this healthy fruit. On June 16, 1982, the edict was filed at the Office of the Federal Register.

Peach tree (Prunus Persica) is a type of prunus tree. It is native to China, and bears a juicy edible fruit that is also known as a peach. This deciduous tree can grow to approximately 5-10 m tall and is part of the Rosaceae subfamily Prunoideae. It is distinguished by its corrugated seedshell, which distinguishes it from other subgeneras, and classified in the same subgenus as the almond tree, Amygdalus.

The peach tree’s leaves are lanceolate and measure between 7-15 cm in length and 2 to 3 cm in width. Peach tree flowers produce beautiful flowers in spring, before the leaves. The delicate, five-petaled, pink flowers can be paired with other flowers or are often left alone.

This tree’s fruit is known as a drupe. It has one large seed that is encased within hard wood. (Usually called a “stone” (or “pit”)), yellow flesh or whitish flesh. Different cultivars have a velvety or smooth skin.

Peach flesh is delicate and can easily be bruised in certain cultivars. However, it can be quite firm in commercial cultivars if it is still green. The peach seed is a red-brown oval-shaped, approximately two centimeters in length.

Stone fruits (drupes) are also known as cherries, plums and apricots. This means they have a large pit or seed.

After you have a basic understanding of the peach tree, now it is time to celebrate National Peach Month.

It’s easy to get into the spirit of National Peach Month by simply picking up a peach, and then eating it. For more fun, you might want to get involved in these activities.

People who live where peaches are available in August may be the luckiest people on the planet. You can pick them locally at a U-Pick Peach Farm. A farmers’ market or supermarket will likely have fresh peaches available to purchase for cooking or eating.

Georgia is known as the Peach State of the USA and it shines brightly this month. Georgians would consider eating a juicy peach to constitute a patriotic act. This is why Atlanta, which is the biggest city in America, has been affectionately called “The Big Peach”.

Peach Wine Tours and Cookoffs are available in Atlanta during National Peach Month. Dickey Farms, located in Musella, Georgia, is the oldest continuously operating peach processing plant in Georgia (over 120 years).

A quick internet search will provide a complete list of all the peach festivals taking place each year. These festivals are held in many places around the United States, as well as other countries.

You can see a few examples here.

Peaches make a great fruit to cook with. Peaches can be used alone or in combination with sweet berries like blueberries or raspberries to make beautiful cobblers, crumbles, and pies. Peaches can be preserved for the winter, so make peach salsa, honey butter, and peach preserves. You can also make peach sauce to add to ice cream.


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