National Pear Month

National Pear Month

Since their origin in the Caucasus, pear have been around for more than 4000 years. They were introduced from Europe and Asia to North America. Pears are a staple in American supermarkets today, but compared to other fruits such as oranges and apples, they can be hard to incorporate into your daily diet. National Pear Month will change all that.

USA Pears started National Pear Month and it is officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This month-long holiday aims to educate people about the importance of eating pears and how to identify when they are ripe. USA Pears established this holiday in 2011 after a survey revealed that 84% of grocery shoppers can’t tell when a pear has reached its peak when they shop in the supermarket. USA Pears says that checking the pear’s ripeness can make a big difference. Pears don’t mature when they are harvested. You can check the stem to determine if the pear is ripe.

USA Pears selected December because most pears, especially the 10 varieties of Northwest pears get harvested in December. Pears are high in nutritional value and have more fiber than oranges, bananas, and strawberries. Pears are hypoallergenic and safe to eat for those with allergies. They also contain pectin, which helps lower high cholesterol. National Pear Month encourages people, due to its light flavor and texture, to eat more pear and be more creative with their pear recipes. USA Pears organizes chef competitions and national tours to celebrate this occasion.

National Pear Month can be celebrated by buying pears at your local farm or grocery store and then getting started cooking with them. You can find many recipes online and try out different ways pears can improve your food. Use the hashtag #pearmonth to share this holiday with your friends on social media. Also, talk about why you love pear pears!


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