National Pencil Day

National Pencil Day

There are so many types and uses for pens. The humble pencil is often forgotten. National Pencil Day was created to remind us how incredible a stick made of graphite and encased within a wood tube can be.

Drawing in pencil can be a very expressive, therapeutic, and enjoyable activity. You don’t need to be an illustrator, but you can sketch in pencil for five minutes and see what your imagination does. You can erase your mistakes with an eraser or rub the pencil with your thumb to create interesting effects. When you are done, you can place the pencil behind your ears and parade around New York like a journalist in the fifties. Make sure to take off your sleeves!

You can also check out our Pencil Grading Scales Explained article if you are particularly geeky (like we).


Mar 01 - 30 2024


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