National Pension Tracing Day

National Pension Tracing Day – Sunday 31 October 2021

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There’s an estimated £19 billion in lost pensions out there – could some of it yours?

You’ve probably had more than one job in your life, meaning you’re likely to have more than one pension pot – but do you know where they all are?

Experts estimate there’s over £19.4 billion of unclaimed pension pots – which is lost pension treasure just waiting to be found. This is around 1.6 million pensions, with the average lost pension pot being worth around £13,000. Could some of that money be yours?

Join the Great Pension Treasure Hunt on Sunday 31 October and you could find lost pension treasure.

It’s the day after the clocks go back – so you’ve got an extra hour. Why not spend it on a pension treasure hunt and see how much you can find!


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