National Pepper Pot Day

National Pepper Pot Day

Pepper Pot is a thick, spicy soup that is a staple American dish, especially in the south. What is Pepper Pot? It’s a soup made with twelve ingredients. Let’s now look at the history of National Pepper Pot Day.

Pepper Pot Soup can be made in many different ways today. The original origins of Pepper Pot Soup were actually December 29th 1777, during the Revolutionary War. It was created by the Continental Army during a particularly harsh winter at Valley Forge. Because the local farmers had sold their surplus food to the British Army, the soldiers were starving. They could not afford the weak currency the Continental soldiers could give them for their crops so they sold their entire supply to the British Army. Christopher Ludwick, a Continental Army baker general, collected whatever food he could to feed his frail and cold soldiers.

The chef was able find some scraps of meat, tripe, and peppercorn. The chef then combined the ingredients with other seasonings to create the spicy, thick and hot pepper pot soup. It was quickly dubbed “the soup that won war.” It gave soldiers the strength and warmth they needed to fight back against the cold winter weather.

To celebrate, we simply need to gather all the ingredients needed to make Pepper Pot Soup. Then we can share it with our family and friends. It’s a great way for winter to warm up, by warming up around the fireplace listening to family members tell stories that are always interesting.

You can make your own. You can make your own by adding four cups of water, four teaspoons of chicken broth powder, two medium-sized potatoes, two medium-sized carrots that are also grated, four tablespoons each of chicken bouillon, four tablespoons each of celery stalks and onion, one cup all purpose flour, two teaspoons salt, one teaspoon pepper, one cup more water, and six cups milk.


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