National Personal Chef Day

National Personal Chef Day

It’s not Mothers Day for kids or husbands!

The United States Personal Chef Association offers the opportunity to entertain single-minded, single handed, solo pan handlers and knife brandishers in your life.

According to the experts, most chefs can start a fight in an unoccupied room. So show your support on National Personal Chef Day. You could be their only friend and their only critic every day. Is the relationship getting stale? You can enliven your relationship by making them a meal and encouraging them to share their thoughts. You’ll feel good that your go-it alone gastronaut has let off steam, as you watch a few pieces from your fine china whizz past your ears.

If you have a personal chef, make sure to treat him well. You might have someone you consider a friend or family member who is a master chef and needs some pampering. Your mother, the school cafeteria goddess, or your tea person at work. She doesn’t have a fancy title or pretentious hat. You’re a master at dining out.


Feb 26 2025


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