National Pet Obesity Awareness Day USA

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day USA

October 9th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day in the USA.

We know you all love your pets so much, but do we love them a bit too much? It is so incredibly easy to overfeed our pets. We do it without thinking about the long lasting and detrimental to health effects that it could have on them.
In 2018, an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese.
We are sure you agree these figures are pretty shocking!

So of you think that your pet is obese, there are lots of things that you can do to help them to lose weight. Whether it is more exercise or less food, this awareness day is a way of educating us all about healthy lifestyles for our beloved pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention website has lots of facts and figures along with helpful information to assist your pets weight and associated health issues.

Help raise awareness today and most of all, help your pet become healthier!


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