National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day asks everyone to remember all the important people who work in pharmacy. These people see patients when they have a cold, cough, need to refill their asthma inhaler, or have a hangover. Maybe someone is out of toothpaste.

These helpful people can help anyone feel better. Now it’s time for us to celebrate National Pharmacist Day.

Pharmacy was founded in antiquity when plants were used to make drugs. The practitioners may have been called herbalists. The Greek legend of Asclepius, the god who heals, has pharmacy as its roots.

Separation of pharmacy and physicians dates back to 1683, when a law in Belgium was passed that prohibited doctors from prescribing medication to patients. The first pharmacy in the United States was established in 1751 by Ben Franklin, who helped establish Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

After World War II, the role of pharmacists was significantly changed when drug science began to change rapidly.

The pharmacists today aren’t just responsible for making pills or potions but also for their storage, proper dosage, advice, monitoring for drug interactions, and many other vital duties for the well-being of billions around the globe.

Are you looking for ways to participate in National Pharmacists Day These are some great ways to get involved in National Pharmacists Day.

Are you a pharmacist or a student in pharmacy? Get out and say thank you to them for this special day.

It would be fun to go to a pharmacy on National Pharmacists Day with a smile and a bounce in your step. They will be surprised! You can simply walk up to the counter and ask for a refill or cough syrup. Just tell them it’s National Pharmacists Day!

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