National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day

The most generous holiday was created to celebrate and promote giving in all forms. Twofold purpose of the celebration is to raise awareness about philanthropy and encourage others to get involved in charity and volunteer work. It also acknowledges the efforts of those who help other people and deserves to be honored. There is no requirement to be a Philanthropist. However, many people choose to become one and make a difference.

Douglas Freeman organized the first version of this concept in 1980. After President Ronald Reagan declared November 15 National Philanthropy Day, the first National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon was held in various cities throughout the country. Ronald Reagan, the first leader in the world to proclaim a National Philanthropy Day to honor ‘the love for humankind’. Since then, worldwide communities have held events to honor donors, foundations leaders, corporate leaders and other people involved in philanthropy.

National Philanthropy Day can be celebrated in many ways. Everyone helps others in different ways so there is no right or wrong way. Bill Gates, for example, seems to have celebrated this holiday every day for the last few years since the establishment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But most people aren’t as wealthy as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet and can still help others in smaller ways. Even a small donation or kind gesture can make a difference to someone suffering from poverty, or if they have a serious illness.

There are many ways you can participate in this wonderful holiday celebration. However, as Bill Gates said, it is best to not give away too much one day per year. Philanthropy is the act of loving humanity. Everyone knows that there are many ways to express love. Find a charity that you are passionate about, whether it is one that helps children who are hungry or someone suffering from a particular disease.

Perhaps someone in your family died too young from a disease you want to end. Perhaps you are concerned that bullying at school isn’t being addressed in sufficient detail for LGBT youth.

It doesn’t matter if your gesture is to help collect food for Christmas boxes for the poor. Spending money to feed the animals living in shelters is a great way to raise funds. Spending time with the elderly in nursing homes, who don’t have family members to entertain them, or raising money to buy more books at your local school.

Your gesture will be greatly appreciated by the people you help. Even if you don’t think your donation is significant, it will be appreciated by others. No matter how you choose to celebrate, help others and make a difference.


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