National Pick Strawberries Day

National Pick Strawberries Day

The strawberry is the symbol of summer. The strawberry contains all the sweetness of summer, from cool nights to hot days, and memories that will last a lifetime. Fresh strawberries are the best, because they are still warm from the summer sun. National Pick Strawberries Day encourages you to go out and get your strawberry fix!

Let’s start with the origin of strawberry. The beautiful red gems hanging from the green vines look almost too natural to be Mother Nature’s creation. So where did they come? It turns out that they came from Mother Nature in forms very similar to the ones we have in our gardens. The delicious taste of strawberries has earned them a reputation for their remarkable medicinal properties. At least that’s what 16th-century pharmacists believed.

The origin of the berry we know comes from Brittany in France. It was first grown in a garden there in 1750. They had been cultivating wild strawberries in their gardens since the 14th century. They are a beloved dessert and food item that have been around since then and can be found in thousands of countries.

National Pick Strawberries Day encourages people to go out and pick strawberries. There are u-pick strawberry fields in every area where strawberries are grown.

First, go pick strawberries! This holiday is U-Pick Strawberry Day. If you have strawberry plants in your yard, it’s time to harvest at least one. Strawberry shortcake is possible once you have a good supply of strawberries. Just slice your strawberries, sprinkle with sugar and place in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

While you wait, make a yellow pound cake. Simply slice a piece of the cake and cover it with strawberries. Then, add vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to top it off. This is the best part of summer right on your plate. You don’t want National Pick Strawberries Day to pass without picking your own.


May 20 2025


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