National Picnic Month

National Picnic Month

The outdoors is open to all families looking for fun in the sun, as the weather warms and the rains recede. Picnics can now begin at local parks, which have finally emerged from the shadows of grey clouds.

These are the essential ingredients of a great outdoor meal. National Picnic Month invites you to enjoy great food and get outside to celebrate the warm summer days.

Picnic month can be celebrated in a very easy way! It’s easy to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to give. Gather your friends and family at a local park. Bring your favorite foods and have a picnic. Or bring a small grill to make delicious meals right there!

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There has been something special about eating outside, no matter how long ago civilization existed. It’s clear that there is a beautiful world waiting for us, and summer reminds us of how long we have been trapped inside. Tony Willis is believed to have invented the term “picnic” in 1692. Since then, everyone, from the working class to those at the top of the social ladder, has been drawn to eating outside under the stars.

Picnics can be used for many purposes throughout history. They are used to gather family members and enjoy the outdoors. The longest and most famous picnic was 600 miles long. It crossed France coast to coast, celebrating the first Bastille Day of 2000. This is a very simple idea with such a rich history. National Picnic Month honors the history and use of picnics to bring people together from all walks of life.


Jul 01 - 31 2025


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