National Pie Day

If we want to celebrate every kind of food, there will be more days in the calendar. Most of the most important foods like pie already have their designated dates.

National Pie Day, as you might imagine, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all things pie. No pie is too small, and everyone has a chance to shine, whether it’s sweet or savory fruit pies, meat-filled pie with gravy, or silly whipped cream pie.

The recipe for pie has remained the same over thousands of years. It’s still a pie that is filled with something sweet or savory and then served on a dish or plate that it was baked in. It’s easy, effective, and incredibly filling. What exactly is National Pie Day?

National Pie Day is a day when people can indulge in all kinds of pie. National Pie Day is a great day to indulge in pies. Many bakeries and stores offer discounts or free pies. Others prefer to use National Pie Day to make their own pies, often with the intention to share it with family and friends. Even if your skills are not in the baking realm, you might find this a great opportunity to learn.

Charlie Papazian started National Pie Day in the mid-1970s. Papazian was a Boulder, Colorado nuclear engineer. He also worked as a teacher and brewer. Although we don’t know why, he declared that his birthday would be National Pie Day. Everyone was in agreement (who wouldn‚Äôt want a day dedicated to pie?). It has been an official celebration since 1986 and is sponsored by the American Pie Council.

Even though it seems obvious, celebrating National Pie Day is easy. There are many ways to give pie credit, from a tasty blueberry pie at your local bakery to a hearty dinner of chicken pot pie. If you put in the effort and creativity, pie can be served for all three meals of a day!

These are some of the interesting ways you can celebrate this auspicious day, which revolves around delicious golden crusts.

It is possible to buy pies in a bakery or shop, especially since there are likely to be sales or even free pies! We recommend making your own pies. You will have a better appreciation for pie if you learn more about how it is made, learn new cooking skills, or even discover the history of pies.

Invite your family, friends and coworkers to participate in a National Pie Day Bakeoff Challenge. It doesn’t matter if you choose sweet or savory, it is always a lot of fun to get together around a common interest. And what could be more exciting than pie? The winner of the pie contest may win a prize like a parking spot, lunch free, or even a huge box full of pie baking supplies. The real winners are those who volunteer to judge the contest because they get to enjoy all the delicious pies!

A film that was entirely about pie wouldn’t be very good. It would only make people want to eat. Some films feature scenes that are prominently included in their larger plots. These films are worth a look.

Many poems and songs have been written about pie. Most people don’t realize this. Pie songs are available in all genres, from oldies to pop to metal, regardless of one’s musical tastes. These songs can make a playlist full of pie-themed tunes.

National Pie Day is an exciting and fun day to celebrate. It gets even more wild when you add fun music, films and delicious desserts. Why not use the #PieDay official hashtag? There are many crazy things people do on social media. There will be lots of pictures of people eating pies. You might also find some new recipes.


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