National Pig Day

National Pig Day

The pig is an integral part of every day life. These adorable little porcine friends have made our lives more enjoyable, whether it’s the porcelain coin-receptacles that we use to save our money or the adorable animals we see on farm visits. Even though they’re a beloved family pet, the pot-bellied porcine pig has recently been able to make strides in becoming a favourite, you can’t deny that they’re a joy to have around, even despite their messy eating habits.

Every year, schools, farms, zoos and community groups host events to celebrate these amazing animals. Take a look at the events near you or celebrate at your home.

Since prehistory, pigs have been with us and have been an integral part of our lives. Their history is almost as long as that of the domestic dog. Two sisters, Ellen Stanley (a young teacher in Texas) and Mary Lynne Rave (Beauftort, North Carolina), established this holiday for the first time in 1972.

The importance of the swine was recognized by the siblings. They decided that a day should be set aside to give the pig its rightful place in man’s daily life. These people are sure to make the pigs unhappy.

On National Pig Day, show respect to your porcine friends and thank the sisters who founded this day.

Did you know that pigs are very clean? They may roll in mud but they don’t poop in their beds. In fact, they frequently bathe in water to get rid of any sweat.

Contrary to popular belief pigs can also be very intelligent. The first evidence of training can be found back in 1772 when a learned pig, known as Learned Pig, entertained the crowds with counting and telling the time.

There are approximately 2 billion pigs on the planet. This means that you should be mindful of their place in our world.

Make it a point to find out more fun facts about pigs on National Pig Day. Don’t forget to include them in your family’s barbecue.

Although National Pig Day is celebrated all around the globe, it is most popularly observed in the American Midwest. This makes sense since the Midwest is the birthplace of the holiday. You can celebrate the Pig’s $1.9 billion worth of commerce if you are in Illinois. National Pig Day is celebrated in New York City at the Central Park Zoo.

Long Island residents celebrate the National Pig Day in a different way. They refrain from eating pork and have a huge special National Pig Day meal… which includes a treat for the potbellied pigs.

Regardless of where you live, National Pig Day can be celebrated.

National Pig Day offers a chance for you to learn more about the fine swine and to have fun learning about our similarities to them. You can also visit the library or look online at pig-related websites.

If you’re able, adopting a new friend pig is the best way to celebrate this holiday. You can also go to your local pet zoo and hold one in your hands. Tell the pigs that you love them! On National Pig Day, it is a good idea to avoid eating sausage sandwiches and to eat something else. You can celebrate your pet pig in style with a party that’s all about them and pig-friendly food they will love.

Enjoy a double-bill with Babe and Charlotte’s Web at home. You can catch up on reading with the original films-based books or dive into A.A. Milne’s world to read about Winnie and Piglet. Celebrate with craft. Perhaps you will make pigs from papier-mache, or create masks for your loved ones.


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