National Piñata Day

National Piñata Day

These creative and colorful candy containers are very popular at birthdays and celebrations around the globe. Although their origins are much older, great memories and fun times have been made by blindfolding a donkey and trying to make it eat papier-mache candy. National Pinata Day is all about the humor of missing, the absurdity of hitting something or someone else, and the mad scramble to get all the delicious contents. Are you a proud owner of a papier-mache creation?

It’s impossible to talk about Pinata Day without talking about the history of the pinata. Although the pinata tradition is often thought to have originated in Mexico, it actually has a much longer history. In the 14th century, a new idea was popularized. This was before Europeans discovered the New World. The idea involved filling a container full of prizes and then smacking it until it poured down its delicious and/or entertaining entrails. Was that graphic?

Pinata actually comes from the Italian pignatta and was brought to Mesoamerica by Spanish conquistadors. They experienced a fascinating transformation when they arrived in Mexico. This made them deeply rooted in religious meaning. Instead of being used for parties or such, the traditional pinata is actually a sphere that has seven points. One for each of seven deadly sins. The pinata’s attack is meant to show the struggle of the soul against temptations and evil. The contents are the rewards of the afterlife. It’s surprising how deep it is for a papier-mache ball full of treats and prized, but it works!

Okay, now we only know that you are pulling our leg. The bells are on the other side! It’s easy to celebrate pinata day by finding a local supplier, filling it with fun prizes, hanging it up and beating the ever-living tar! If you are a crafty type, you might consider making your own pinatas. It’s easy to do and can be fun for all ages. It is easy to make the paste and frame yourself with a lot of newspaper shredded. You can find videos online.


Apr 18 2025


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