National Pink Day

National Pink Day

Bullying is a serious problem today. Every year, more bullying incidents are reported in schools around the world. Bullying is not just a problem in schools. Bullying extends beyond school, and into the virtual world of internet where young people have made a little world for themselves.

Bullying is unpredictable. It doesn’t follow any rhyme or reason. Bullying is simply the exercise of power over others who are less powerful or are more unusual. National Pink Day is dedicated to ending bullying and breaking the cycle that perpetuates this harmful behavior in schools and at home.

In Nova Scotia, Canada, National Pink Day was founded in 2007. Travis Price and David Shepherd, two students, witnessed a Central Kings Rural High School student being bullied because he was wearing a pink shirt to school on his first day. The association of pink and feminine things led to the harassment of the 9th grade boy for wearing the color. His two classmates were determined not to allow the bullies to win.

These two men came up with a brilliant idea and decided to support the student and stand against bullying. They got everyone to wear pink shirts at school the next day. The boys went to a discount shop and bought several pink shirts to give out to anyone who didn‚Äôt have one. Pink Shirt Day was established to end bullying and promote understanding. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

This small event that began in Canada is now a global phenomenon. It is also associated with Anti-Bullying Day, another day where the idea is to stand up and support others. Although the United Nations has declared that it should be celebrated on May 4, many countries celebrate this day in February. This does not mean that you have to choose between two opportunities to stand up against bullying.

It’s easy to get on board and connect on this day. All it takes is wearing pink! These are just a few other ways you can celebrate this day.

For male-bodied people, start the day by choosing a pink garment that you love and then putting it on. Wear it, no matter if it’s a pink tee shirt, a pink polo shirt or an entire pink suit! Make sure that you are visible and make a statement against bigotry wherever it’s found.

Parents and children will be more informed and educated if they are better prepared. The more educated and informed children (and parents) are about bullying, they will be better equipped to respond to it and stand up for others, whether they are being targeted or themselves. There are many organizations that can help educate and inform families about bullying. These organizations include:

This is not just for National Pink Day. It is a lesson that can be used every day. Anyone who sees someone being bullied or harassed must be willing to help them. Do not let them think they are the only ones in the world. National Pink Day is an opportunity to speak out against bullying and harassment, especially of minorities and members of the LGBTQ community.

Anyone who has ever been bullied knows how important it is to be heard and offered support. It’s easy to show support for others with just a simple outfit choice on National Pink Day.

National Pink Day is still relatively recent and affects children who may not be aware of it. This is a great day for everyone to spread the word about anti-bullying efforts. Inform your friends in advance about National Pink Day and make plans for how you will honor it. To spread the word, take a selfie of yourself or a photo with your friends in pink and share it on social media.

Parents and school teachers can support their students by inviting them to a party to celebrate National Pink Day. This is a great day to encourage everyone to work together towards eliminating the daily struggles of so many children today. As a support to the day, everyone should wear pink shirts. Decorate the party room with pink streamers and balloons.

It would be a great idea to view a video or documentary made by one of the anti-bullying resources mentioned above. You can also have your children create unique art using only pink art supplies. Then, display them in an anti-bullying art exhibit that everyone can enjoy.


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