National Pizza Month

National Pizza Month

Perhaps no other words could be spoken. Pizza is wonderful, and even bad pizza can still be delicious. Pizza has existed for a very long time. The word pizza dates back to 997 AD in southern Italy.

National Pizza Month offers pizza lovers a whole month to celebrate this delicious dish. It also gives them a chance to enjoy it for more than just a few days (31 total!). You can enjoy it in all its forms and variations. You can have it small, large, round, square or any combination of these.

Let’s start by learning more about National Pizza Month.

The history of National Pizza Month can be attributed at least partially to this delicious dish: Pizza. The term “National Pizza Month” dates back over a thousand years, to the time when the first flatbread was invented. Most likely, the Pizza originated from a Focaccia bread (a Roman flatbread that was often served with toppings).

As time went on, developments led to the delicious comfort food we all love today: pizza.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it was a straight-line, however. Some believe that the first pizza was created by Roman soldiers who added cheese and olive oils to Matzah bread. One thing is certain: pizza, as we know it, was created by the discovery of tomatoes in Americas and their return to Europe in 16th century.

Where did pizza first appear? It all started in Naples as a flatbread with tomato sauce. It was sold almost exclusively from open-air stands, and only a few pizza bakeries. This tradition is still largely observed today.

It evolved into what we now know as “pizza” around the 18th and 19th centuries in Naples.

While everyone was not happy about the terrible effects of World War II on their country, there were some positives. For example, allied troops stationed in Italy helped bring the idea of pizza to their homeland.

Another trivia fact is that the original tomato sauce is what gives the “marinara” sauce its name. You may have wondered why marinara is called that. It was made by La Marinara, the wife of a mariner, in order to serve her husband after he returned from fishing in the Bay of Naples.

National Pizza Month began as an American holiday and was first celebrated in October 1984. Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine, created it. This month has been an appropriate tribute to the iconic dish for more than 30 years.

Celebrate National Pizza Month!

A whole month to celebrate all things delicious and beautiful about pizza. That might be enough time for you to start thinking about some of these ideas.

We don’t think National Pizza Month should be a reason to make you go out to eat as much pizza as possible. This month is worth celebrating, and who needs encouragement?

You can order in, take your pick of beer or soft drink, or enjoy homemade pizza while watching a movie. No matter how you slice it, National Pizza Month can be enjoyed for 31 days.

If you want to really honor pizza, it’s time for new toppings to be added to your pizza. Enjoy pizza by going out and trying something new!

These are some ideas for pizza toppings that you might like to try:


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