National Playing Card Collection Day

National Playing Card Collection Day

National Playing Card Collection Day is a celebration of the collection of one the oldest forms portable art forms (circa 1200s). The literal gallery of art and inspiration that play cards can be, are literally galleries of art and ideas. They communicate the intent of the artist to the public and preserve the cultural heritage of the time. These art pieces can be collected and used to create our own galleries that represent different points in time. These collections can be considered extensions of the collector, and the day is an opportunity to celebrate and share them with the public.

There are many ways to celebrate National Playing Card Collection Day. You can show your love of cards online by sharing photos from your collection via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use #CardCollectionDay to share and view other collections. This is a great day for anyone who’s new to collecting. Find a deck that best suits you through databases like or the founder’s site

You can support playing card artists by supporting them by checking out new crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. Or, you can brush up your playing card knowledge by visiting web archives such World of Playing Cards. Enjoy collecting cards, and recognize this little item as more than just a toy. It’s an art form that everyone can enjoy.

Collectors consider card collecting a huge hobby. It takes a lot of time and effort. These decks are often displayed at home, so they have limited opportunities to share what they love with the rest of the world. It allows collectors from all over the globe to share their collections online via social media by creating a day.


Oct 17 2024


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