National Plum Pudding Day

National Plum Pudding Day

Although it may be frowned upon, plum pudding has become a beloved English dessert tradition. It’s National Plum Pudding Day!

National Plum Pudding Day celebrates a delicious treat that contains no plums. This may be due to the fact that plums were known as raisins, currants and figs back in 17th-century when the dish was created.

It won’t be the same as what Americans think of as pudding. It is more like a cake that has been boiled than baked. It is still called “plum pudding” in British tradition, which includes many desserts.

Plum pudding, also known as Christmas pudding or figgy pudding, is a steamed pudding or boiled pudding that is served around Christmas and New Year’s Day. Another interesting fact is that the day of celebration falls several weeks after these holidays. This day seems to be filled with interesting and unique things!

Plum pudding can be made from nutmeg and other ingredients such as nuts, dates, apples, cinnamon and dates. It is a tradition in England to have everyone in the household hold the wooden spoon to stir the batter. They must also make a wish while stirring the batter.

Plum pudding dates back to 15th-century England. It started as a savory dish, with both meat and root vegetables. It was usually served at the beginning of a meal, not as a dessert. However, it evolved from sweet to savory. Some puddings were prepared months ahead and left to mature before being served on Christmas Day.

In the middle of 1600s, plum pudding was so closely associated with Christmas that Puritan powers like Oliver Cromwell banned it. However, the Puritans lost power a decade later and plum pudding was quickly restored.

Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope, as well as other Victorians of influence, had a lot in making plum pudding and Christmas pudding central to their holiday celebrations. National Plum Pudding Day was established in honor of this wonderful icon.

It might take some preparation to enjoy this day, but it is totally worth it. These are some ideas to celebrate:

Although plum pudding can be made quickly and eaten immediately, it is best to make it ahead and let it rest for several weeks to allow the flavors and color to develop. Many plum puddings are planned out at least 4-6 weeks ahead.

These pudding recipes may be symbolic. They include 13 ingredients that represent Jesus and his 12 disciples. Molasses, butter and flour are some of the most important ingredients. A hard sauce, made with brandy or rum, is a popular topping for many dishes.

This dessert tastes best when shared with loved ones. To celebrate this delicious dessert, invite your family and friends to join you for a mid-winter party. Enjoy some games, such as “passing the pud”, singing some songs, and enjoying the traditions of National Plum Pudding Day.


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