National Poinsettia Day

National Poinsettia Day

National Poinsettia Day is a day that celebrates the red flower, which is used during the Christmas season. The first thing that comes to mind when we look at a Poinsettia flower is “The Poinsettia’s to Christmas like Halloween is to Halloween.” But where did the Poinsettia come from? And how did it become such a popular Christmas gift? We are here to tell you all about National Poinsettia Day!

We must look back at the past to find out the origin of the Poinsettia flowers. From 1480 until his death, the Aztec King Montezuma decorated his palace with Poinsettia, or Cuetlaxochitl, as it was called by the Aztecs. He had his people grow the flower as a gift to the Gods.

Poinsettia was used to remind people of the Aztec gods’ sacrifices in creating the universe. The Aztecs used Poinsettia sap to treat fevers, and the leaves made a dye.

In the 17th century, after the Conquistadors had invaded Mexico, the blood-red wild flower was made part of Christian ceremonies when it was used as part of the Fiesta de Santa Pesebre, a nativity procession. Many legends were created around this time to explain how the bright red color of the plant, which was originally called “La flor de Nochebuena” or Holy Night, came about.

The poinsettia was first discovered by Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1828. Wilenow was a Botanist who discovered the poinsettia in 1828. He named it “Euporbia Pulcherrima” and in 1833, another botanist, William Hickling Prescott, changed the name to “Poinsettia Pulcherrima” to honor Joel Poinsett, the man who brought the poinsettia back to life to be studied.

The National Poinsettia Day is celebrated by the Poinsettia being displayed on the Dia de le Virgen (or Virgin’s Day) on December 12th in Mexico. To commemorate Joel Poinsett‚Äôs discovery of the plant, parades in the United States include Poinsettias.


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