National Pomegranate Month

National Pomegranate Month

They hang from their trees like jewels and reveal a treasure trove full of burgundy delight.

Persephone was so seduced by the pomegranate’s power that even though she was warned by her mother to avoid eating anything presented to her by Hades and to not eat it, she ate six seeds which locked her in a season with him. National Pomegranate Month celebrates these unique and delightful fruits and all they have brought to mythology and the culinary realm.

Since ancient times, the Pomegranate has been a part of our lives. Its first appearance was in Ancient Egypt. There, it was used to treat various infections, including tapeworm. It can be seen in Ancient Greece, where it was believed to be the fruit of the deceased and was associated with Persephone and Hades myths. She ate six seeds and spent half of her year in the land of death.

Pomegranates offer more than just a fruit. They are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin dietary fiber and folate. These little gems are a treasure trove of nutrition and health, with the reputation of being a miracle-cure.

POM used it to create its entire product line. It cites its anti-inflammatory, antidisease and anti-oxidant benefits. National Pomegranate Month celebrates this beautiful, rich fruit.

National Pomegranate Month can be celebrated by imitating Persephone and enjoying the decadence of the Pomegranate. There are many ways to enjoy the pomegranate. From simply tasting the juice wrapped seed, to enjoying a rich, full glass of the sparkling juice, there are endless options.

They can also be enjoyed in some cultural favourites, such as ash-eanar, a Persia soup that is made from the juice of this tasty plant. You want something that will keep you going throughout the day, but also has a tart kick? You can dry them and add them to your trail mix, or just eat them as a snack throughout the day.


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