National Potato Chip Day

National Potato Chip Day

The most loved snack in the world is potato chips. This salty snack can be made in many different ways and spiced with many delicious flavors. You may be curious where the potato chip originated. National Potato Chip Day provides an excuse for anyone interested in learning more about the history of potato chips.

National Potato Chip Day was created to celebrate the most popular snack in many households around the globe: potato chips. This day is for you if you can’t eat one packet of potato chips. There are many flavors available today. These include ready-salted, cheese and onions, prawn cocktail salt and vinegar, sour and cream, and many other options. Which is your favorite?

A bag of potato chips is a wonderful snack. These chips are simple but they’re the best thing in life. You can also eat them anywhere you go. To make your day more fun, take a bag full of potato chips along with you whether you’re heading to work or taking the train to visit a friend.

Although potatoes have been around for a long time, the potato chip was invented by George Crum. Crum started his career as a chef at Saratoga Springs’ Moon Lake Lodge in 1853 where French-fried potatoes were a popular item on the menu.

The idea of frying potatoes originated in the 1700s when Thomas Jefferson, a Frenchman, introduced them to Saratoga. Crum laughed when customers complained that the fries were too thin and fried them for them.

They loved them so much that they asked for more. The potato chip was born. Crum opened his own restaurant from there. Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt and William Vanderbilt visited his restaurant with a basket full of chips at each table.

Crum’s invention was not patentable, but it became one of the most important snacks in the history of the food industry. Many of them started their own food production, including Hanover Home Potato Chips, which was founded in 1921.

Laura Scudder, a few years later, came up with the idea of placing the chips in wax paper bags rather than in glass containers.

Lay’s was established in Nashville by Herman Lay shortly thereafter. His potato chips were the first to be successful on a national scale. National Potato Chip Day celebrates the crispy, salty snack and its fascinating past.

Grab a bag of potato chips and enjoy a snack. You can host a potato chip party with a variety dips. During that party, you can test all the potato chips brands to find out which one is best.

You can even make your own potato chips using some online recipes. Try different varieties of potatoes to find the best potato for making homemade potato chips.

Use the hashtag #potatochipday to share this holiday with family and friends on social media. Post a picture of your favorite potato chip bag and invite your followers to vote for their favorite flavor. Who doesn’t love to bond over food?

You can also celebrate potato chip day by making your own potato chips. There are many recipes online that you can choose from. Although the base ingredients of the different recipes may vary, the majority contain the same basic ingredients. These include salt, unpeeled potatoes and pepper, as well as garlic powder and other seasonings. To deep-fry the potatoes, you will also need oil. We are sure that you will make lots of potato chips.

Perhaps you could get some friends together and hold a contest to see who can make the best bag of potato chips. Each person can come up with their own flavors and compete to see who comes up with the best. There have been many potato chip flavors over the years. Do you think you can top them all?

This is one of the ways you can celebrate National Potato Chip Day. Learn about different flavors from all over the globe. It may surprise you to learn about the different flavors people love! Pringles used to make cinnamon and sugar potato crisps. Although sugar and cinnamon are a winning combination you wouldn’t expect them on a potato chip. Pringles introduced this flavor for a short time between 2014 and 2015.


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