National Potato Day

National Potato Day

You can make potato chips, hashbrowns and baked potatoes. The potato is a small, unusual tuber that has been an integral part of human history. It was the main food crop for entire nations. National Potato Day is a celebration of this amazing tuber and all of the uses it can be used for. Which potato recipe is your favorite?

Between 5000 and 8000 BC, potatoes were first cultivated in Bolivia’s Northwest region and Southern Peru. It has been cultivated all over the world and is now a staple crop in many cultures. There are many ways to prepare potatoes. You can use potatoes to make bread, rolls and pancakes.

Ireland was dependent on potato for its food crops for a long time. The potato plague eventually led to the total starvation of the country. There was plenty of food in Ireland at that time. 5 ships a day were leaving the country. But the English were draining the Irish people dry. They declared that they could only live on potatoes and cabbage.

Russians discovered a completely different way to use the potato. Are you a vodka fan? There’s good news! Good news!

The humble potato is today the fifth most popular crop in the world, ranking after wheat, rice, sugar cane and corn, according to total calories cultivated. The potato was a curious vegetable in Europe at the beginning of the 18th century. It was only recently that merchants began to import it from South America, and experiment with it as food. It was something that most people, even those in Ireland, hadn’t seen before.

However, the humble potato quickly gained popularity. Because of its unique growth pattern, the potato is more productive than grain crops. This was the crop that provided most of the common person’s daily calories. When the berries get too heavy, grass crops can become very tall and then fall over. Regardless of how big or small the potato plant is, it will continue to grow. As long as it gets enough sun rays to grow starches, the potato tuber can continue to grow.

National Potato Day is no surprise. For centuries, the humble potato has provided a steady source of calories to people all over the world. It began its journey in South America, and it then moved to Europe after the discovery of the New World.

Potatoes are so healthy that you can eat them for months without needing to eat anything else. It is also cheap and delicious, making it a key ingredient in many of the most popular foods around the globe.

National Potato Day can be celebrated by including the noble potato in every dish that you make. Hash browns with salt, pepper, and drenched in sausage gravy and cheese are a great choice for breakfast. A bag of potato chips should be served with lunch, especially if they are spread across the sandwich for a salty crunch. A baked potato or our favorite, mashed potatoes, with garlic, onion and cheddar cheese, isn’t dinner complete.

However, potato-lovers are getting more creative with their recipes. This shouldn’t surprise considering the popularity of Instagram. Sweetened potato desserts are hot right now and are perfect for those who love potato-based foods throughout the year.

Although mashed potato truffles may sound bizarre (and they most likely are), they are very easy to make. There are only four ingredients required: leftover mash (or vanilla extract), chocolate chips, and a coating such as cocoa or desiccated Coconut.

Here’s another option for all those creative people out there: potato sculptures. You’re not the only one who noticed potatoes as a blank canvas. The fact that potatoes can be shaped into intricate shapes is a huge plus for thousands of people around the world. You will need sharp tools such as knives and scoops to create a striking potato sculpture. The next step is to take a large raw potato and reduce it into the shape you prefer. You might be able to make any kind of potato, even another potato.

You can also tell others about the history of the potato, and how it fed multiple civilizations. The potato could be a solution for sustainability and an extremely complete food. Do your research, and write a compelling blog post or article explaining why potatoes are so important to society. Share it on social media.

Although it may seem like a mere tuber, National Potato Day gives it an opportunity to shine!


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