National Pothole Day

National Pothole Day

There is nothing more frustrating than driving down the highway on a sunny day only to have to dodge potholes. Yes, it is. You can’t see beyond your car’s hood in the rain while trying to avoid potholes.

Potholes are an annoying problem for motorists all over the world. However, they have been around since the very beginning of roads, and they still have their names. National Pothole Day gives you the opportunity to make a difference and learn more about potholes.

Each day, a new pothole appears on roads that you frequently travel. These can make your journey more dangerous. Potholes that are modern in nature are the result of wear and tear to the roads from rain, sun and frequent travel by vehicles. It is common to use hot-patch to repair it. However, the road will swell and contract from the constant heat so this patch may be pushed back again after the next major rainfall storm.

Potholes are not new. In fact, they derive their name from Roman roads that were built in the Roman Empire’s time. Roads were constructed on clay and gravel and then topped with hard-baked bricks. Potholes were created when potters had to break the road’s surface in order to access the good potting clay beneath.

This was a rich source of clay that the potters used and a source of pain for the wagons and chariots that drove along those roads. Pothole Day reminds us about their long history and our responsibility for helping to keep them in good condition.

How can the average citizen stop potholes becoming a nuisance? Officially, there is nothing they can do. They aren’t allowed fix them. However, stopping by City Hall to speak to representatives can get them to the City Hall. Although it is not legal, one individual came up with a creative solution. He would create a phallus to cover the potholes in bright yellow spray-paint. The city then took steps to fix the holes. Although we don’t recommend this illegal action, we can say it was very effective!


Jan 15 2025


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