National Proofreading Day

National Proofreading Day

Do you cringe when you read a document that is filled with misspelled words and phrases? Do you have a friend who asks everyone to review their documents before they send them? This holiday is for you. National Proofreading Day allows everyone to take a moment and look over what they have written. This day is about achieving 100% accuracy in all work. You think you can do this?

Judy Beaver, in memory of her mother, Flo, created National Proofreading Day. On her website ( Judy relates that her mother loved to correct people. It was her idea to create the day on her mother’s birthday to help people proofread more of their work and to keep her memory alive.

Ms. Beaver has provided links to numerous resources for proofreading and grammar. Remember that grammar rules should be used when writing. This fact can be used by professionals in any field to set the standard for good writing.

You can thank a friend or colleague who always proofreads your documents on National Proofreading Day. You should show them how grateful you are for their help. Without them, where would you be? You can make their day more fun by doing something. Let them know how great their grammar skills are!

This holiday may be a reminder of the teachers who helped you over the years. Do you feel grateful for teachers who help your children learn to communicate in a proper manner instead of using text-speak? You can use this day to thank you for your teachers with a thoughtful, handwritten note.

Do you want to celebrate big? Make sure to take the time to learn grammar and improve your skills. You can find many places online where you can practice grammar, spelling, and typing in fun activities. You can also find grammar guides that will help to determine which words you should use at any given time. Are you apprehensive about common words such as their and there? You can never pick the wrong one again if you use the resources!

You can take a moment to recognize all the good work you do for your friends and colleagues if you are the proofreader at your job. Let them know that you’re taking a day off to celebrate but they still need to proofread their work. Give yourself a gift, such as a book or other small item that brings you joy. You don’t have to be the one proofreading everything. It is a good idea to refresh your skills.

Ms. Judy Beaver’s mother Flo made it possible for all those who are “grammar police” to wear their title proudly one day. English teachers around the globe can be proud that their students have learned from their lessons. Get out there and get your red pencils ready for the next year of proofreading.


Aug 03 2024


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