National PTSD Awareness Month

National PTSD Awareness Month

Millions of people all over the globe have experienced the most devastating events in their lives.

PTSD is a persistent reminder that every day can become a minefield. Flashbacks and triggers could be hidden around every corner. National PTSD Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about this long-lasting struggle and those affected by it. We also want to show our support for them and help them get through their difficult times.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not a new diagnosis. It has been recognized by psychologists since at least 1952. In the DSM-I, it was described as a “Gross stress reaction”, which refers to a normal personality that uses established patterns of response to overcome overwhelming fear.

It was already recognized in the early days that this condition existed in those who had suffered domestic traumas as well as wartime. The DSM-III was established in order to give it its current name. This is partly due to the experiences of soldiers who served during the Vietnam War.

This further definition provided insight into the experiences and diagnosis of soldiers and patients who suffered trauma in previous years.

Unfortunately, there are no cures for PTSD. However, there are many techniques that can be used to manage the condition, such as exercise therapy, psychotherapy and service animals.

National PTSD Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about the disorder and promote research to understand its causes and find preventative measures to stop it from developing in people who have suffered trauma.

It is important to be able to appreciate the daily realities and experiences of people around you with PTSD.

It is important to not use the term PTSD lightly. Like most psychological disorders, there are many people who claim to have it. OCD is a common example. It can be detrimental to the experience of those with PTSD and may lead to misinterpretations about the condition’s cause and consequences. It will make a big difference for those who have to deal with this every day. Volunteering with local organizations that help veterans of wartime situations is also a great idea.


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