National Pulled Pork Day

National Pulled Pork Day

National Pulled Pork Day is a delicious way to enjoy slow-roasted, delightfully seasoned meats.

Pulled pork is a popular American dish. It’s based on the principle of shredding the meat after it’s been barbecued. It can be prepared in a slow cooker but the best way to make it is to slow-smoke over wood.

Smoking meat seems to have been a method of cooking that Spanish settlers discovered from native Americans (most likely in the Caribbean or the United States). Smoking meat over an indirect fire was a method to keep bugs away and preserve it. This seems to be the precursor to what we now call a barbecue.

This method allows pork to be used as the preferred meat because of its affordability and availability. The pork shoulder, also known as pork butt, Bostonbutt, or picnic shoulder is used almost exclusively in this dish. It’s a relatively inexpensive cut. It should be slightly fatty to add flavor and tenderize. The meat should be slow-smoked for a long time so that the connective tissues become tender and fall apart before it is “pulled”.

Sonny’s BBQ has partnered up with the National Pork Board in the United States and the National BBQ Association to proclaim October 12th National Pulled Pork Day.

Barbecue is a South staple, especially in Florida and the Carolinas. It is loved for its connection to family and its ability to bring together friends and loved ones. The South is known for its dominant BBQ protein, pork. The best way to enjoy it is the pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork sandwich. These three organizations joined forces to create National Pulled Pork Day.

It’s a joy to be able to celebrate this day! It’s also a large piece of meat that can be shared with many people, so it will often be enjoyed with friends, family, neighbors, or even the whole block.

These ideas will help you get the Pork Day celebration started:

It is possible to prepare it in the kitchen, even though not everyone has access. It doesn’t matter if you use a slow cooker, traditional oven or both. The most important thing to do is to cook it slowly and at a low temperature. Slower and lower temperatures are better. Some people prefer an Instant Pot pressure cooker to melt their pulled pork.

It doesn’t matter how you cook the meat, it is crucial to prepare it properly. Some prefer to marinate the meat in brine for several hours before cooking. You can also add spices to the meat, but it should retain a lot of its flavor. Mixing spices like dry mustard, smoked paprika and chili powder with brown sugar or apple cider vinegar is a good idea.

Pulled pork isn’t just for sandwiches. This delicious meat can be used to make many different dishes. These are some of the many recipes you can make with pulled pork.

National Pulled Pork Day can be used as an excuse for a backyard barbecue. Serve pulled pork sandwiches to a group of friends with a variety of side dishes. You could use potato salad, creamy coleslaw or baked beans. Serve with fresh watermelon.

Since the origin of Pulled Pork, the most popular restaurants serving it are located in the south. These are some great barbecue spots:


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