National Punctuation Day

National Punctuation Day

Punctuation is a lifesaver. Although it may seem strange to say this, when you consider the impact that a simple comma can make on the meaning of sentences, it becomes obvious that there are strong arguments to learn how to properly use them.

You don’t want the phrase “Let‚Äôs eat Grandma!” to be confused with “Let‚Äôs eat Grandma!” National Punctuation Day shares the wisdom of all forms of punctuation with the world.

National Punctuation Day was established by Jeff Rubin, founder of the day and organizer of Some people find punctuation difficult, especially those who are unable to determine when a colon, a set of brackets or an ellipsis is appropriate. We thought we would be talking about the semi-colon, the comma and the period.

We are. But these are the most common forms of punctuation. Not everyone knows that there is more to grammatical structure than these forms.

National Punctuation Day was created to reinforce the lessons learned in elementary school and to demonstrate how important they are to ensure that your words are correctly understood. However, this doesn’t mean punctuation is peaceful and orderly.

You may run into rogue groups that question whether things such as the Oxford Comma should be valid. It is true, we are certain of it. Anyone who claims otherwise is a heathen.

National Punctuation Day can be celebrated in many different ways. Schools with video and programs that teach how to properly use the device in fun and interactive ways are some examples of celebrations. The National Punctuation Day website offers a list of other ways to celebrate this auspicious holiday.

You start by getting up at night, taking a hot bath or shower, then you grab a bagel and begin your day by noting all the punctuation mistakes in the newspaper. The remainder of the day is spent identifying all places where grammar isn’t being used correctly and taking a polite note about how to fix them.

National Punctuation Day is your excuse to stop grinding your teeth and spread a little education!


Sep 24 2024


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