National Quesadilla Day

National Quesadilla Day

Enjoy the flavor and fun that National Quesadilla Day brings:

Quesadillas are most likely originated in Mexico’s southern regions, where Aztecs made corn tortillas. It is not clear who first filled these corn tortillas full of cheese. Some have suggested quesadillas might have been imported from Spain to the West, but it is more likely that they originated in Mexico.

Like many other dishes, the quesadilla evolved over time and various variations have become what they are today. These little Tex-Mex sandwiches can now be found in Mexican restaurants all over the world.

V&V Supremo (an American company that makes cheeses and other Mexican products) founded National Quesadilla Day in 2020. This day was created to honor and show love for small foods that can be used as snacks or as an entire meal.

Make National Quesadilla Day a part of your calendar and celebrate!

These delicious and delightful ideas will help you celebrate National Quesadilla Day

Enjoying quesadillas is a great way to celebrate National Quesadilla Day. For lunch or dinner, go to a Mexican or Tex-Mex place and order the chicken quesadillas (or cheese quesadillas) that are available. For a delicious, cheesy Mexican sandwich, don’t forget to order some salsa, pico de gallo, or guacamole.

Quesadillas are delicious and easy to make. Heat a skillet with oil or nonstick cooking spray. Place a flour tortilla onto the skillet. Add cheese, chicken, or other fillings. Place another tortilla on top. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, until it is golden brown. Slice into triangles and enjoy your pizza!

Are you looking for a reason to throw a party? Look no further! There is nothing better than sharing quesadillas with your friends. In honor of National Quesadilla Day, host a small gathering of friends, family, or coworkers.

In honor of the occasion, invite guests to wear their favorite sombrero (or a colorful serape). Pinatas, cactuses, and other brightly-colored, themed decorations are encouraged. You can play some Mexican music and give out maracas to Mexican guests so they can join the musical fun.

Drinks can be anything with a Mexican theme such as Modelo beer, Dos Equis beer or Corona. You can also enjoy Margaritas and Palomas or Horchata. A huge platter of delicious and tasty quesadillas will be the main food of the evening, perhaps even the guest-of-honor!


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