National Queso Day

National Queso Day

Cheese dip fans will be especially pleased by this special feature, as it is National Queso Day!

Most likely invented in Mexico in the 19th century, or earlier, the first recipe for queso was published in 1896 in The Land of Sunshine, an American magazine.

The original name of the dish was chiles verdes cu queso. This means “green chilies with cheese”. This recipe is Mexican Food. It was initially more focused on chilis than on cheese.

Queso is all about cheese! Queso actually means “cheese”, in Spanish. However, when English speakers refers to queso they often mean the appetizer dip “chili con quso”. This dip is made with melted cheese and chili peppers. It is often served with tortilla chips.

National Queso Day is a great time to show support for this delicious little snack that is loved all over the globe.

There are many ways to celebrate National Queso Day, including these ideas:

Celebrate National Queso Day by heading to a Mexican or Tex-Mex favorite restaurant to enjoy a delicious queso cheese dip. You can also order queso from multiple local restaurants as takeout and compare the results to find out which one tastes best.

Pro Tip: Ask the restaurant if they offer a discount on their queso dip to celebrate National Queso Day

It’s not as difficult as you might think to make queso dip. It takes a small amount of melted cheese (usually Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, or Chili Jack varieties), as well as salsa, rotel tomatoes, and/or chilis. Some prefer to use cheddar cheese while others like the texture of cream cheese in their queso recipes.

Combine everything and heat the queso until ready to serve. Sprinkle with your preferred garnish, such as chopped green onions and diced tomatoes. Spread it on tortilla chips, or use it to spread Mexican-style dishes. Bake until golden.

Queso can be enjoyed with large groups because it is served in a big bowl. Enjoy a large bowl of chips with queso dip, and enjoy the party! You can also add a few margaritas and sangria to make the party even more lively.

Are you not feeling like throwing a huge party? That’s okay! If you prefer to keep things simple, you can still enjoy National Queso Day and pay tribute by bringing chips and queso to work and sharing the delicious dish with your coworkers.


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