National Quiche Lorraine Day

National Quiche Lorraine Day

The simple quiche, a dreamy combination of cheese and shortcrust is one of our favorite dishes. This versatile dish can be served warm or cold and packed with vegetables or ham. It also goes well with many different sides. They are also very easy to prepare!

Quiche Lorrainee is a delicious summer treat that has a rich history. It’s not surprising that quiche lorraine fans have chosen May 20th to commemorate all that is great about the delicious and nutritious meal.

Quiche is a type of open-topped pie that is made from shortcrust pastry and filled with savory eggs custard. It can also be served with a variety of vegetables and meats. Although it is often believed that the quiche was born from French cuisine, it could have originated in medieval Germany.

The quiche Lorrainee was named after Lorraine, France. It is an open-top pie filled with savory custard and cubes made of pork fat. It’s more common to find it with bacon cubes than fat today, but it’s still delicious.

Although quiche lorraine used to be made without cheese in its original form, most recipes today call for it. Most recipes call for cheddar cheese. However, you can use any type of cheese if you want. A Lorraine is traditionally made without onions. If you add onions to your quiche Lorraine mixture you are making a quiche Alsacienne.

Feeling hungry? A slice of quiche lorraine will solve all your hunger problems. This is a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and make your own quiche lorraine. You will need bacon, eggs and cream. If you want to be authentic and make your own shortcrust pastry, you will need the ingredients. It tastes much better than the pastry boxes you buy in stores!

Quiche is best enjoyed at picnics, with a side salad. Why not gather your friends and have a picnic? Make a picnic of quiche Lorraine and other picnic food, and enjoy an afternoon. It’s a delicious dish that’s best served in large quantities. For vegetarians, make sure to bring a vegetarian quiche!

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