National Re-Gifting Day

National Re-Gifting Day

There are many holidays around the globe that we know about, including Saint Patrick’s Day and Christmas. There are others that we don‚Äôt know anything about or don‚Äôt know at all.

National Re-Gifting Day, which is not a holiday we are familiar with, is one of those less well-known holidays. Let’s take a look at the history and evolution of National Re-Gifting Day for those who don’t already know.

Re-gifting day was primarily seen as an office holiday prior to October 24th 2008. That was when the state of Colorado declared the 18th of December as “National Re-Gifting Day”.

Office workers were given gifts they didn’t need but didn’t want, so they re-gifted the gift to someone who would use it.

For those who don’t know what re-gifting means, it is the act or giving someone else a gift they have received, sometimes disguised as a new gift. Seinfeld’s episode “The Label Maker”, which popularized the term “Re-gifting,” was a great example of the concept. However, the practice of it dates back quite a bit.

Sometimes, re-gifting is seen as cruel. Why? Why?

You can celebrate by giving away a gift you received but have not opened yet to someone else. Gifts that you don’t want, for example, might include a coffee cup from an unpleasant coworker, a TV you already own, a bookshelf that is too small, or a car you can’t afford to keep.

National Re-Gifting Day focuses on giving gifts to others that you don’t need and making sure everyone has a great holiday spirit.

Many people do not have the luxury of luxury that we do. If you get a puffer jacket but don’t have one in your size, then you can find someone who is homeless or cannot afford it and give it to them.


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