National Read a Road Map Day

National Read a Road Map Day

The road leads to every destination, but is that really the case? You could always use your handy GPS to find out, but National Read a Road Map Day is a day that focuses on looking back at the past. It is a return to a time when you could hold a roadmap upside down or place it on your car’s hood, with the map spread out. It represented adventure, unexplored roads, and places not yet travelled. The map was our ultimate guide to get back to where we started. It would be great if we could see where we were.

This is the day to get out an old map on paper, not necessarily one that’s recent, and to discover all the wonderful things these maps can do. It doesn’t matter if the map you are reading is old. Have you ever been curious about the roads Rome is so famous for? These maps show where they traveled to, and there are maps available. Let’s say you want to use a modern map. We’ll show you how to read it!

You’ll first need a map of your area and a Road Atlas. This is especially useful as it contains both a national and a state map. These maps can be found in gas stations and supermarkets. If you are unable to find one, they can also be purchased online. To ensure accuracy, you’ll want one that has been printed in the past three to four years. There’s nothing worse than discovering that a highway or road on a map has changed its name and driving by it.

Next, is the easy part. You’ll notice that most maps, especially atlas, have a grid laid out. It’s numbered in one direction and lettered in the other. These can be used to locate the coordinates of your starting point and your destination. You’ll see prominent towns listed on the map by the coordinates found on the back of your atlas. These can be marked with removable stickers to make it easier to find them in the future and provide a clear view of your route.

Next, you need to find your route. There are many ways to get from one point to another, and you have plenty of choices along the way. If there is a highway, these are the best routes between two points. Otherwise, you will need to search for main roads and side roads. You should check all these routes to determine the best route for you. The highway is fast but not great for enjoying the scenery.

You can identify which symbols are what by looking at the ‘legendary’ or ‘key” on the map. These symbols will help you identify cities, highways and interstates as well as country roads and side roads. There are many options available for the adventurous traveler. You’ll be able to see the map and read its contents and you will never get lost even if your phone battery goes dead or your GPS stops working. This is all possible by doing one thing. Celebrate National Read a Road Map Day


May 04 2025


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