National Read In The Bathtub Day

National Read In The Bathtub Day

Do you recall your childhood baths filled with comic books and reading in the tub? Maybe you recall the Librarian’s stern words when you attempted to return the book missing from your childhood. Perhaps you also remember the time you took a dip in the tub. Make new memories with Read in the Bathtub Day. Grab your favorite book, or other device. I admit that I have read my digital books in the bathtub – very carefully! Relax and enjoy a soothing soak.

It’s easy to imagine that the first person to use a bathtub was a noble who read scrolls from a small tub to try to determine how to rule their kingdom. It is possible, but maybe that joy came later, when tubs, indoor plumbing and lighting made it a pleasure rather than a chore. It’s not hard to imagine that this pastime was a favourite from the top to the bottom of society as comfort and books became easier.

Roman baths were the first culture to embrace the culture of bathing. This is where the origins of reading in the tub are believed to have been. These facilities were often decorated with scrolls or entire libraries. This was done to consolidate everything in one place, possibly to reduce costs. It is possible to see that the Romans were the first to take a bath. It is not clear if they did.

The concept of bathing fell in decline during the dark ages. Roman baths were destroyed. The Renaissance saw the rise of private, family bathrooms. This likely triggered the modern age for bathtub reading.

People used whatever was available to wipe their hands before the invention of toilet tissue. Sometimes, this was straw or leaves from the farm. Sometimes, however, it was the printed word.

Reading may have also made it into the bathroom through the backdoor, if that’s not too obvious. Old newspapers were a great wiping aid once the industrial revolution was underway and their prices dropped.

However, water and paper don’t mix so reading in the tub is a risky activity. Over the years, many books have been damaged by water and soaking.

Since the 1970s, bathroom reading has been associated to Pulp magazines. According to Margaret Atwood (Canadian author), bathroom reading can be defined as any episodic material. It is easy to consume quickly, often in the morning.

According to researchers, the number of people reading in the bathtub has increased since the introduction the smartphone. The water problem is not solved by the smartphone, unless you purchase a waterproof model. It does however allow you to curate what content you see, rather than just following the news.

There are many products that can make it safer to read in your bathtub. You can take some time to look at them all in celebration of Read in the Bathtub Day. These shelves have enough space for everything you might need. They also provide a safe place to read your book.

You can find pillows that fit around your next person to protect the cold porcelain. You can find them with essential oils and scents that activate in the heat of a bath. This sounds wonderful! Are you so busy and stressed out that you have to make sure you don’t fall asleep? It’s something I feel too. But if you consider the possibility of reading, you’ll be able to stay awake.

Let’s get to the water. Hot and steamy are implied, but why settle for something ordinary? You can find everything you need to make your bathing experience more enjoyable at your favorite local store. Bath salts are believed to help with circulation and tension. There are many options.

What are you going to read as you relax in spa-like luxury while you soak? Read in the Bathtub Day is a day to pamper yourself. You don’t need any work or career advice. You don’t need any career or self-improvement advice, it is time to enjoy reading! Grab the novel you saw at the newsstand, or the latest thriller that will chill you. You could also try one of the classics. There are many choices!

It is best to read bathroom stories in small, episodic chunks. This formula was perfected by comics long ago. They developed stories over many, short episodes that were easy to consume. Although this is the most straightforward, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your own segmented reading lists from any material. Breaking up your weekly reading could be a good idea. This will allow you to catch up every time you take a bath.

You could also subscribe to a weekly publication about a topic that interests you to celebrate Read in the Bathtub Day. Make sure the topic matter is interesting to you. It should be a unique event and not something you feel like you have to do.

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