National Red Mitten Day

National Red Mitten Day

National Red Mitten Day is a historic tradition that you can take part in. The day supports Canadian athletes by purchasing red mittens that show Canadian pride. Are you curious as to why this day exists? Learn more about the history of this day and how you can celebrate it.

The Hudson’s Bay Company is a Canadian retail company that was founded in 17th-century France as a fur trading firm. Its history is long, but its modern history focuses on its expansion and diversification into general merchandise. It began to invest more in clothing retail as it opened shops and bought company locations across Canada. The company was the official outfitter of Canadian Olympic athletes for the past decade.

What does all this have to do red mittens? The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver saw HBC’s apparel be a huge success. HBC’s success was partly due to Canada being the host country of the Winter Olympics and their athletes having a record number of medals. Their “Red Mittens” were a collection of red and white mittens with a large maple leaf. The mittens were sold for $10CAD and helped HBC create a profitable business. One-third of the proceeds went directly to the Canadian Olympic Committee. Red Mittens Day has been a day to celebrate Canadian Olympic pride.

These gloves are available online if you’re a fan and want to support Canadian athletes in the Olympics. You can learn to knit red mittens or create your own. Share the news with your friends to celebrate the holiday. Use #redmittensday to share Canadian pride with your friends on social media.


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