National Refreshment Day

National Refreshment Day

Summer can be extremely hot! You may feel drained and have a lot of thirst. National Refreshment Day is the perfect day to get a refreshing drink!

Refreshing drinks have been an integral part of summer since the beginning of time!

National Refreshment Day was established in 2015. It aims to provide refreshing drinks in hot summer afternoons. Traveler Beer, an American beverage company based in Burlington, Vermont, created this day to promote summer beverages.

Traveler Beer may no longer be in business but its contribution to the world through founding National Refreshment Day is still worth it!

This day is worth celebrating, regardless of whether it’s an ice-cold beer, a fruity cooler wine, or a large glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Particularly in summer, when temperatures rise and air conditioners are not able to keep up. Take one out of the refrigerator or cooler to celebrate National Refreshment Day.

These ideas will help you celebrate National Refreshment Day in a delicious and exciting way

Traveler Beer, a Vermont-based beer company, founded the day. Perhaps a cold beer is a good way to start National Refreshment Day. To stay hydrated during hot days, don’t forget other non-alcoholic beverages!

Beer-lovers who don’t like beer will find another way of getting reenergized. Hard Seltzer is a new trend in refreshing alcoholic beverages. This lightly alcoholic sparkling water, also known as adult seltzer or spiked seltzer is a refreshing alternative to sparkling water. It’s light and refreshing without getting you drunk. It typically contains between 4% to 6% alcohol.

It’s a great way for you to experiment and be creative by making your own refreshing drinks. National Refreshment Day invites you to be creative, whether you follow a recipe online or make your own.

These ideas can be used to make refreshing drinks and other beverages, or you can create your own drink ideas.


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