National Repeal Day

National Repeal Day

National Repeal Day celebrates those who enjoy a good drink. It’s the perfect time to toast your right to a cheeky (or large) cocktail on the 5th December. Enjoy a sips of something every now and again. This day is all about enjoying a glass of sophistication with a simple cocktail or a G and T.

America was dry between January 5th 1919 – December 5th 1933. We don’t mean that America didn’t get enough rain – alcohol consumption was prohibited during this period. It was supposed to stop drunkenness and criminality, but it actually made lawbreaking worse.

It was clear that even though alcohol had been banned, there was still demand for it. Some shady characters made it their business helping America enjoy a glass of the sweet stuff. Soon, organized crime would be a major driver of the liquor industry.

Bootlegging, also known as rum-running, was a popular pastime among crime lords. In the 1920s USA, it was a huge business to sneak liquor around the country. Authorities failed to stop the crime lords from enjoying the wealth.

Realizing that keeping beer out of the hands of the people might be more trouble than it was worth a few repeal organizations were formed. The 18th Amendment was eventually lifted after careful consideration. We celebrate repeal day because of all this.

It’s a simple day to celebrate, especially if your favorite drink is a cocktail or two. You don’t have to dress up, but if you do go to a fancy wine bar, it might be worth getting something sparkly.

After a long day at work, you might feel more social if you get your friends together to go to the local pub. Even if you don’t drink alcohol you can still enjoy alcohol-free beer or delicious virgin cocktails. Cheers!


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