National Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day celebrates Rocky Road Ice Cream, a dessert made with marshmallows, nuts and chocolate.

Rocky Road is an ice cream flavor. However, it is also a dessert that is much older than icecream. This dessert inspired the creation of ice cream with these ingredients.

National Rocky Road Day is a great way to celebrate these delicious treats.

In 1853, the Rocky Road dessert was created for the first time in Australia. Unscrupulous businessmen mixed confectionery items from Europe that had been damaged by the journey and used them to make a local dessert.

Named after the rough road travelers used to reach the gold fields. The dessert had the appearance of a bumpy road with potholes and rocks.

Rocky Road ice-cream was created by William Dreyer, an Oakland resident, in 1929. As a way to lift spirits of people affected by the Wall Street crash of 1929, Dreyer created Rocky Road ice cream with the same ingredients as the original. This treat was known as “share a scoop, smile” at the time.

Rocky Road ice cream is a great way to celebrate this day.

These are some other ways to celebrate National Rocky Road Day

It was created by mixing a variety of leftovers with cheap chocolate. The rules for Rocky Road are flexible because it is so versatile! You can use whatever you like or what you have in your kitchen.

Begin by melting the chocolate. Anything with high wax content will keep it from melting back too quickly. Next, you can add in as many ingredients as you have in your cabinet. You can add nuts such as almonds, peanuts and pecans to this conglomeration. You can also try dried fruits such as raisins, dried cranberries or small pieces of dried mango. You can also add mini marshmallows to make it even more delicious!

Celebrate this day by going to an ice cream shop or restaurant that sells Rocky Road Ice Cream. These brands are worth a try to find the best!

You can make National Rocky Road Day a success by sharing the ice cream and dessert with a friend or relative to share the love. You can also grab a few cartons of icecream to bring to work to share with colleagues in the break area.

Rocky Road ice cream is not available in all areas. If you are looking for something healthier, you can make Rocky Road smoothies.

Blend these ingredients in a blender. Blend it all together and enjoy!


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