National Roof Over Your Head Day

National Roof Over Your Head Day

After a long day, nothing is better than coming home to your warm, cozy house with your family and friends. Home is where you want to go, whether it’s cold or you’ve been working all day.

For some, however, that is not an option. They don’t have a roof to cover their heads. National Roof Over Your Head Day encourages you to stop and appreciate that you have somewhere to hang your hat. If you don’t, you can keep working towards that goal.

National Roof Over Your Head Day was created in response to the large number of homeless people living in first world countries. It aims to raise awareness about the fact that so many people don’t have this basic need.

100 million people don’t have a roof over the heads. 1.6 billion of them are considered to be in need of housing.

National Roof Over Your Head Day is really a call for charity and social awareness. It is a serious problem but one that can be solved. Many creative solutions have been developed to address this issue, including one that was implemented in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The city realized that it was paying $20,000 per year to manage their homeless problem, which included policing and arrests as well as healthcare and jail time. Instead, they built affordable homes that could be used by homeless for $7,800 per year. The number of homeless in the city has decreased by 72% since then. This is all while the town saves money.

National Roof Over Your Head Day can be celebrated by getting out and helping the homeless. While it is true that not many people can afford to shelter the homeless, there are steps that we can take to encourage our leaders to do so. Look at these numbers in Utah. They are true throughout the United States and the globe.

You can also drop some money in the cups of homeless people you pass. National Roof Over Your Head Day encourages people to give others the chance and be thankful for what they have.


Mar 12 2025


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