National Rum Day

National Rum Day

Rum is a wonderful drink that has been a legend for pirates from all walks of life. We love rum balls, which are a great addition to many dishes. As Lewis Grizzard, the great rum expert, said, it is also an incredible mixer and the only one capable of improving Coca-Cola.

We all know that pirates love rum, and that rum can be a alcoholic beverage, but we are often unsure of what exactly makes rum RUM. Let’s get down to the basics. Rum is a distilled alcohol that has been derived from sugarcane byproducts. While some rums are made from sugarcane juice, others are made from molasses. All rum is clear once it has been distilled. Rum’s color is not a sign of a bad flavor.

After it was discovered that molasses can be fermented to alcohol, rum was first created in the Caribbean. Ironically, the slaves made the discovery but the Colonials were the ones who discovered how to distill it into true Rum. Rum was so important in the years that followed, it played an important role in the political system in the colonies. How? It was offered to candidates as a bribe.

However, the people they coerced weren’t fools. To find out which patron would provide them the most rum, they attended multiple hustings. It can be said that rum was so important that it actually decided elections.

Yo ho ho matey! National Rum Day can be celebrated by enjoying this most distinguished and ignoble of drinks. Is that a contradiction? Not at all! Rum has been known for its ease of production, delicious flavor and powerful kick. National Rum Day allows you to try as many as you want and then decide which one will make it onto your ship for your next pillage.


Aug 16 2024


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